A Denim Workshop

Back in 1996,  I traded in my tailored trousers for a pair of good old American men's 501's.   Then the denim worshipping began....

Robert Rifkin, owner and designer of Rufcut, considers jean-making an art. In March of 1996, the Levi's worshiping began when Robert first started selling men's vintage 501s and doing custom alterations and repairs. 

Levi's fanatics from Europe, Japan, New York and beyond discovered this converted railroad conductor station on Pico Blvd in West LA. This little shack served as a time capsule, transporting you back to the golden days of polished vinyl and quality denim. In 2012, the Metro-Rail demolished the shack and Robert had to move and reinvent his self.  But, his loyal customers followed him to his new location; 25 years later, they're still reminiscing about his one-of-a-kind shack

Rufcut has come full circle with a workshop located on Route 66 in WLA, and now the journey is complete.  Voted Best of LA for Used & Vintage Levi's and now offering bespoke custom jeans, plus hundreds of perfectly faded vintage Levi's 501s.  With over 25 years of expert jean repairs and alterations affordable plus dependable quality service.