Denim Rules

We'll earn your trust with our attention to detail.  From knee repairs, crotch rips and zipper replacements to original hems, waist adjustments and our custom-fitting raw denim jeans, we're your answer to everything denim. 







Rule #1

Do not soak jeans until U can pull them down without un-buttoning.

Rule #2

 Do not rub spilled food (ketchup, mustard, soy-sauce etc.)

Rubbing will make a light spot.  

Blotting is ok.

Rule #3  

After break-in, submerge jean in hot or cold water.   

Use 3-4 tablespoons of detergent.  

Soak inside-out for 30 minutes. No rinse or ring-out.   

Rule #4  

Hang dry. Keep the selvage flat along the seams. 

Recommended for the first year to make these your perfect pair!


Breaking-in new raw denim jeans properly will transform them into your second skin.  


Our Machines

Union Special  43200G chain-stitch

Reece 101 - keyhole

Union Special - cabiiio

Union Special -  waistband

Juki - bar-tac

Kansi Special - 1/4" double needle

Consew - Single needle

Consew - 1/4" double needle

Juki - single needle

Merrow - shell-stich overlock

Wilcox & Gibb -  overlock

Union Special - overlock

Foot Dye Press - button & rivet